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Aldo Property Maintenance Inc

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Aldo Property Maintenance was founded in 2002 with the aim to pave the gap between the expectations of the property owners and available property maintenance services in Toronto. We are a property specialists company dedicated to offer top-notch building maintenance and painting services to the residential, commercial and industrial property owners in Toronto.

We are a team of highly skilled and qualified tradesperson delivering quick and efficient solutions for every project we undertake. We extend the best skills and also ensure that great customer-relationships. The three core pillars of our credibility as a company are high-quality services, timely completion of jobs and a courteous and customer-friendly culture in the organization.

We specialize in all types of building maintenance, painting and other related jobs. As a locally owned and operated company we make the best and most credible choice for your next renovation or building maintenance project.

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Company Name
Aldo Property Maintenance Inc
219 Fort York Blvd. Suite 2901
Toronto, Ontario